Off I Go

by Cara Smith

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Helen O'Shea
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Helen O'Shea It was clear this song is special from the first couple of notes.....may mean different things to different people but for me, this is one of the most beautiful "Mothersongs" ever! Favorite track: Sing You Home.
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released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Cara Smith New Jersey

Jersey Shore born and bred, Cara Smith combines her eclectic and diverse musical interests, her studies in music therapy and the deep and complex stories of her life to create a unique sound. Hailing from Berklee College of Music, Off I Go is her very first EP. Each song is carefully crafted and it shines a little light into her artistic journey which has now officially begun. ... more

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Track Name: Gonna Get Up
Gonna get up, put that coffee pot on
Don't wait for me I'm already gone
Boy, you aint the only one

Gonna get up, get going along
You won't convince me that I'm wrong
Child, its time you moved on

Gonna get up
I think its time you crawled out from under your rock
Gonna get up
Times are changing, my love, and you are out of luck
Open your eyes, get out and have a look around
Im gone, and your ships run aground


The revolution has only just begun
Gonna get up
I ain’t afraid to say im having too much fun
I left the radio on, did you hear that song?
That was my note goodbye, and so long


Up like a bird takes off in flight
Up like the wind under a kite
Up like the sun with all her might
Up like a thief in the night

Up off the couch up outta bed
Up from the madness in my head
Up from all the shit you said
Up high beyond the wounds that bled

Track Name: Box 6
Roamed through a dusty box of memories the other day
I found a letter I hadn’t seen in years
The sloppy cursive lines led my eyes astray
And soon the words, they brought me to tears

Have you grown tall? Is your hair still long? Do you still like the color blue?
Do you still dance? Dream of romance? What do people think of you?

Because everything changes.
Because nothing really ever stays the same.
As I sort through these pages.
I see that time is only kind to your name.

I drove my car to a world afar with no fear of looking back.
Remembering that letter made me smile.
The road is long but beautiful, I’ll keep my heart intact.
And bring those words with me through every mile.

In these new walls, filled with song and ain’t none of them the blues
I’ve got the chance to finally dance.
And let what’s in my heart break through.

Track Name: Put Me On The Train
Woke up this morning feeling down
Gotta find something to bring me back around
These four walls are caving in, stealing my sanity
My world needs a rest and some clarity

Hand me my coffee to help me see
The wall of silver pins tracing my dreams
Today’s the day im gonna break away
Gonna pack my bags and color in the gray

I say, oooh oooh Can’t stand a minute more
Ooh, ooh pick my mind up off the floor
Ooh ooh there is nothing left to say
So put me on the train

Bought myself a one way to anything
Got onboard said goodbye to everything
Who knows where and who knows why
As the wheels roll on its not about the end, its about the try

I say ooh oooh my heart has always known
Oooh ooh there’s dreams to have and hands to hold
Ooh ooh im travelin’ to relieve the pain
So put me on the train

Whistle blows
All aboard
My bags are packed to nowhere known
Grabbed the last seat by a window
Here I go again
Here I go

Track Name: Take Me Back
I want rainy days
You’re a million miles away
Oh, how I miss you

I want to dance in praise
While the ground beneath me sways
Oh, how I miss you

You are in my blood
Let that rhythm flood
Oh, youll see my heart will always beat for you

That red hot earth and dust
The heat gave me a rush
Oh, how I miss you

Your spice has filled me up
I love your taste so much
That’s why I miss you

I’m yearning for your sound
Don’t hear it much around
That’s why my heart will always beat for you ooh

You ooh
Ooh ooh
Want you
Ooh ooh
Feel you
Ooh ooh

Please take me back (repeat) back home to you
I’ve got to get back (repeat) back next to you
Need to feed my soul (repeat) FEED MY SOUL

With your music and your love my heart will always beat for you (repeat)
Track Name: Sing You Home
Come and sit beside me a while
I have some things to share
Darlin’ I’m here to let you know
That life can be funny sometimes

But do not fear the road ahead, love
I will lead you there with sound
Whether you choose to go left or right
Or turn right back around, I will

Sing you home, I will sing you home
Through all the things unknown, just always know
Don’t be afraid to go

You may reach for things not there, you may
Believe in things unseen
There will be times theres no inbetween
With what things are and what things seem

But don’t stop reaching your hand out and let yourself believe
The world is wind, it can hold you back but also pull you towards your dreams, I will

Sing you home, I will sing you home
Through all the things unknown just always know
Don’t be afraid to go
With every breathe be proud
With every step be bold
Ill play you down that long and lonely road
Youll never walk alone
As I sing you home